June 1, 2016


1 package of Ambassador Cocktail Smokies

100 g of Pancake Mix

50 g Milk

40 g Ketchup

Oil for Frying


Cheese Sliced




1. Cut out slits on the bottom half of the smokies to make 6 legs

2. Combine pancake mix, milk, and ketchup in a bowl and mix until smooth

3. Dip the smooth side of the smokie into the mixture and coat well with batter. Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown

4. Decorate using cheese & nori, using mayonnaise as glue t...

March 22, 2016

Prep Time: 5 Minutes     Total Time: 20 Minutes     Serves: 12



1 package of Sugardale Ready Bacon

Any store bough pancake mix

Maple pancake syrup

Optional: plastic squeeze bottle with 1/4" tip



1. Crisp the Sugardale Ready Bacon in microwave. Allow to cool on paper towels.

2. Meanwhile, prepare pancake batter according to package instructions. 

*If using sqeeze bottle, pour batter into the bottle and cut tip (if necessary) to...

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