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2016 Simek's Special Achievement Awards

On behalf of Simek's:

2016 Broker of the Year

Presented to - Fresh Strategies

"Fresh Strategies has represented the Simek's line for over 15 years in an independent market and continuously grow sales and increase facings and placement, year after year. Throughout their tenure as a Simek's broker, they have managed to combat every competitor that has come against Simek's along with continuing Simek's growth while competitors show decline. Fresh Strategies provides excellent vendor communications such as bi-monthly promotional trackers, monthly price surveys, account and market update reports, ad copies, and display pictures. Their brand dedication, partnership, sales, customer service and continued growth makes the Fresh Strategies team deserving of this award."

On behalf of Simek's:

2016 Outstanding Sales Performance

Presented to - Robert Ritchie at Fresh Strategies

"Robert's representation of Simek's with a strong brand focus and passion has led him to earn the achievement of Outstanding Sales Performance Award. From building the line in his stores, secure pallet sales along with everyday dual or seasonal displays in leading market stores, and increasing shelf placement to full door facings, Robert continues to combat tough competitors by having the trust and respect from his customers."

On behalf of Simek's:

2016 New Account Execution and Growth

Presented to - Jenna Dvorak at Fresh Strategies

"Jenna has done nothing short of wowing our team on her execution, growth, and sales of the new targeted account for Simek's, Hy-Vee. In a very short time she has earned the trust of her buyers and built an amazing relationship with each Hy-Vee store. Jenna is always going above and beyond, bringing creative ideas to the table. Starting with gaining placement in the stores, to 15 case displays, to now selling pallet stores display orders per event, Jenna's dedication and passion has allowed Simek's to build a strong breakout in these new stores."

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